The Sovereign Self

A Life-Transforming 6 Month Coaching Program

Walking the Walk is HARD

You’re past the point of deciding what needs to change. You are brutally, painfully, acutely aware of who you want to be and how much it hurts not to live as your truest, most authentic self.

You’ve told yourself over and over that you need to speak up, be brave, and just let the world see the REAL you. And honestly – you’re tired of being the sidekick. You’re the hero of this piece!

You’re ready to take action and start walking the walk.

But the truth is: walking the walk is so much harder than talking the talk.

It means taking total ownership of yourself and allowing who you are to be enough.

It means intentionally outgrowing your surroundings, relationships, habits, beliefs, and comfort zone – and dealing with the fallout.

It means having no idea what pieces of your life will remain intact when the fog clears.

It’s confusing and scary and overwhelming.

It’s effing terrifying.

Here’s What They Don’t Tell You…

At nearly every major intersection in life, there’s a support system to help you walk the new path and navigate all the confusing and overwhelming emotions that come with it.

In college, you have a roommate and college counselors.

When you get married or have children, your partner walks the path with you.

Even big life changes like moving, divorce, and losing a loved one have best practices to follow to help you heal and process.

But who is there to help you understand the process of changing – yourself?

Imagine if you could…

Navigate all the feelings associated with living your truth

-the fear, anger, grief, confusion, and overwhelm – in a healthy way that brings you closer to your heart’s true calling.

Feel fully supported

as you learn to walk an entirely new path full of new habits, new goals, and a new sense of self.

Show up in EVERY situation as your true self

– no masks, excuses, apologies, fear, or shame – and know you have the tools to process any emotions that come up.

Welcome to the Sovereign Self

The Sovereign Self is a 6 month, 1:1 coaching program designed to help you navigate all the messy, confusing, and overwhelming feelings that come from living your truth OUT LOUD.
The Sovereign Self is for you – dear one – if you are truly ready to take the action required to change your life.

But you KNOW that you can’t wait any longer. You’ve arrived at the point of no return, and the only thing to do now is move forward one step at a time. The road may be rocky, but the prize at the end is the greatest gift you will ever receive – YOU.

Sacred Investment: $11K

Payment Plans Are Available

What’s Inclued


6 Months of Coaching, Healing, and Soul Support


Monthly Energy Clearings with my Community Manager, Nicole Schoen


Your Private Unbound Ceremony to Kick Off Open the Container


Bi-weekly Transformational Coaching Sessions Over Zoom


Inclusion in my Personal Ceremony + Any Course I Launch in our Time Together


Virtual Office Hours for Between Call Support + Celebration


Soul Assignments as Dictated by your Spirit Team


A Complete Resource Library to Support Your Journey.

Please note…The Sovereign Self is not a replacement for traditional therapy or health advice. It’s a guided tool for self-exploration and acceptance. It is not intended to be used by someone in acute trauma/crisis, with PTSD, or with severe mental illness. Folks in those positions would be better served by a mental health practitioner rather than a coach or mentor.

What people are saying

“What’s most transformational is you seeing me, believing in me and holding space for my vision to flourish and grow ~ and for really helping me to believe in myself.”

– Leetah, USA

“Seryna is an amazing coach and guide! She’s so full of wisdom and has this beautiful ability to ever so gently awaken the truth within you. All the while holding a space for you that is filled with love, that feels so safe and without judgment. Working with her IS life changing.”

– Nicole, USA

“I learned to look at my own empowerment and what my personal hurdles are which stop me in my tracks or steal my inner peace and joy. Layers came off – l was unaware how much was keeping me from honouring myself.”

– Faith, Canada

Seryna Myers with glasses on

Hi. I’m Seryna

I spent the first part of my life hiding who I was. I worried about how others would react if they saw the truest me – where I came from, what I believed.

After more than a decade of deep, devotional inner work, I was able to discover my most authentic self – the big, magical, “too much” girl that had been shouting to come out and play for years. But finding that girl was a lot easier than BECOMING that girl. That shit was hard.

I know how turbulent it is to overhaul your life. But YOU know that you can’t wait any longer. You’ve arrived at the point of no return, and the only thing to do now is move forward one step at a time.

Are You Ready

…to embody your Sovereign Self?

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