The Lit Up You

A Life-Transforming 8-Week Group-Based, Guided Exploration

Nice Girls Don’t Get Mad.

Until we do…

And then we secretly judge ourselves. Nice girls aren’t supposed to push back. We’re supposed to smile politely and keep our mouths shut. After all, as our moms told us, “if you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing at all.”

We spend so much time doing for everyone else – our kids, partners, coworkers, and friends – that saying what we need, out loud, can feel taboo. But there comes a time when bottling it in is too painful – too much. When we need to finally learn how to ACCEPT our emotions – every last one of them.

Women under palm tree at the beach

Do you…



…Silence your feelings

because you’re not sure how others will take them, and you’re afraid of blowing up if you don’t speak up soon.


…Keep numbed out and over-scheduled

so you’re not left alone with your anger, resentment, frustration and obligation?

…Feel guilty for the “negative feelings” you have

when you “should” be grateful for the life you’re living?


...Spend so much time accommodating others and making them comfortable

that you don’t even know what you truly want?

imagine an alternate reality where…

You express how you feel, as you’re feeling it, in a way that honours you and hurts no one.

You prioritize the emotional space you need to process everything that comes up for you, including anger, resentment, frustration, obligation, fear, sadness, pain, and boredom.

You accept that you can be grateful for what you have AND permit yourself to desire more simultaneously.

Introducing: The Lit Up You

The Lit Up You follows a divinely guided framework to navigate your emotional truth in a way that feels safe and fully supported.

No apologizing for anger or sadness. No hiding from fear. Just you – exactly as you are.

Because that’s where the magic begins.

Each week’s material and lessons are carefully planned and timed to guide you through the process with grace and compassion. The easier I can make your journey, the more you’ll learn from it.

(And the more you’ll learn about yourself.)

The Lit Up You includes a resource library of videos, workbooks, and soul assignments to deepen your learning and support you through the process.

$2,200 USD (4 payments of $555)

The Lit Up You is going to help you

Talk about how you feel – about everything in your life – without needing boxed wine.
Feel safe to experience your anger, sadness, anxiety, fear, and all the other “bad” emotions – without an ounce of regret
Engage with the physical experience of your emotions – so you can feel the feels without consequence in the real world
Surrender complaining and comparing to accept yourself entirely as you are.
Take back the energy you spend burying your feelings and channel it towards something that creates impact, positive change, and a legacy.

Please Note… The Lit Up You is not a replacement for traditional therapy or health advice. It’s a guided tool for self-exploration and acceptance. It is not intended to be used by someone in acute trauma/crisis, with PTSD, or with severe mental illness. Folks in those positions would be better served by a mental health practitioner, rather than a coach or mentor.

What people are saying

“I have been consistently reminded that even if I still don’t feel I fit in anywhere yet, I am in precisely the right place, I am perfectly me. My confidence in this has grown through you, through everything you have taught.”

– Katie, Belgium

“Seryna has a unique ability to create a safe sacred space so the women attending can do the work to develop their inner knowing and clear the issues blocking their freedom.”

– Marilyn, Canada

“Seryna’s a wonderful teacher – organized, intuitive, funny, real, and gracious all at the same time. I highly recommend her and encourage you to dive in with one of her wonderful courses. You will be so glad you did!”

– Leslie, USA

Seryna Myers with glasses on

Hi. I’m Seryna

Have we met?

I spent the first 30 years of my life hiding who I was. I was angry, defensive, sad, and never quite feeling safe to express how I felt. I worried about how others would react, if they’d leave, and if I could even trust myself to speak up without hurting the people I loved.

(Especially since I’d only express my anger or frustration after they had been bottled up for a long time and would explode.)

In the last decade, I’ve realized this: just because you grow up without knowing how to express your feelings doesn’t mean you can’t learn. Stop feeling like the meanest mom on the block and start truly loving yourself, eye rolls and all.

Sorry, not sorry. Mama’s moving on!

You’re done twisting yourself in knots to make other people comfortable.

The Lit Up You is not about taming your fire. It’s about using it as fuel to create a life where you feel energized, honoured, and aligned to your truth.

Ready To Shine?

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