The You-est You

A VIP day, Immersive Experience

What’s Your Soul’s Deepest Purpose?

I see you standing in front of that vault – key in the lock – ready to open it – and paralyzed with fear.

How did you get here?

You were born to be YOU in all caps – but the world trained you to be just lower case you… watered-down and compliant. You were handed role after role to play – devoted wife, sacrificing mother, loyal sister, caring daughter, concerned friend. You agreed to these roles without hesitation.

You bought this vault and willingly locked away all the bits of yourself that didn’t fit the mold.

And now here you are – knowing that to discover your life’s purpose, you MUST open the vault and reclaim all those pieces – but you’re also aware that ditching the roles might feel like abandoning everything you know.

Just because life is good – doesn’t mean this is ALL there is



Do you find yourself resenting people – even those you love deeply – because they expect you to be someone you simply are not?


Do you find yourself playing small to make other people comfortable? Even if they never asked you to?


Do you stifle your biggest dreams and goals because you worry that BIG changes will cause too much friction with your family or friends?

Imagine if you could…

Get total clarity on who you are

at your core – and what you truly want out of this life

Identify and understand the roadblocks standing in the way

and have practical tools to remove them with ease

Live your ultimate truth OUT LOUD

and embrace all that this magical life has to offer

Introducing The You-est You

This VIP day is a deep-dive coaching experience where we work together to discover the REAL you that’s buried under everyone else’s expectations and the roles you’ve been playing for decades.

The You-est You meets you exactly where you are. No more hiding. No more compartmentalizing. No more playing small.

$3,300 USD 

Payment Plans Are Available

What’s Included?



Before we meet, you’ll complete an in-depth intake form to identify aspects of your life that you want to change, prioritize what we’ll work on, and maximize our time together.

VIP Day of 1:1 Coaching

Get 4 hours of intense, soul-aligned coaching (via Zoom) to help you identify mental roadblocks to reaching your full potential, establish new goals and routines, and embrace the YOU-est you possible. This is messy, beautiful work – and I’m alongside you for the journey.



2 weeks after our VIP coaching day, we’ll meet for a 1-hour follow-up Zoom call to help you integrate the lessons learned and overcome any challenges you’ve come across. You’ll also get a full written report (The Road Back to YOU) with recommendations and next steps to help you become the You-est You and embrace every last wonderful piece of your soul.
Please Note… The You-est You is not a replacement for traditional therapy or health advice. It’s a guided tool for self-exploration and acceptance. It is not intended to be used by someone in acute trauma/crisis, with PTSD, or with severe mental illness. Folks in those positions would be better served by a mental health practitioner rather than a coach or mentor.

What people are saying

“I can really feel who I am and how I can help others. I am clear on what I can bring to the world now. Seryna meets you where you are and leads you to where you want to go. She sees the vision even when you can’t. “

– Maria, USA

“[You] showed me my relationship with masculine energy and the judgements upon myself with sexuality. Reflecting on these areas in relation to angels was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Uncomfortable to be in & yet shed much needed light on deeply wounded parts of myself & my beliefs.”

– Kara, Canada

“I am in the middle of revamping my entire business, and in ONE session, Seryna created a new, beautiful, perfectly ME brand identity that deeply connected to my true self and allowed it to shine through. Seryna’s intuitive approach is EVERYTHING to me. She is so gifted at guiding you to express yourself as you want to show up in the World. The process is empowering, easy, and the value is beyond comparison. Thank you, Seryna!”

– Keyla Ohs

Seryna Myers with glasses on

Hey. I’m Seryna!

I spent the first few decades of my life hiding who I was. I worried about how others would react if they saw the truest me. I blended in. I played it small.

I had a good life – but felt like something was always missing. It took me 30 years to figure out that that something was ME. After a lot of work, I was able to discover my most authentic self – the big, magical, “too much” girl that had been shouting to come out and play for years.

Just because we take on roles at various points in our lives doesn’t mean we have to stay in them forever. Because when you finally step off the stage and stop playing the role of “you,” you can walk into the world as the REAL you. And that feels so much better!

I’m so excited to be a part of your journey back to the You-est You!

I’m Ready for the Magic!

Ready to become the You-est You?

Consider this your formal invitation from the Universe to become the deepest, most aligned, happiest possible version of yourself.

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