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Since the Winter Solstice, a lot of shit has been kicked up, leaving people feeling… well.. kinda shitty.

Many people who consider themselves HSPs or Empaths have been feeling it intensely – this kick up and disruption in the energy. I’ve seen many people in my immediate network with unexplained serious illness, anxiety, and neurological conditions that came from what appears to be nowhere.

For those who are maybe less tuned in, they’re noticing it in a general feeling of malaise, low energy, illness that just won’t go away, and in some cases, more serious health concerns. I’m sure an astrologer can give you a great explanation about why all of this is happening, but that’s not my jam, so I’d like to share with you the top 5 strategies I use in my own healing, and in the prayers I send to the people in my community who are struggling, to amplify the energy and intention for wellness.

1. I call on Archangel Raphael.

Everyone has a favourite Archangel (and let’s be honest, it tends to be Michael), but when it comes to all things healing, Raphael is THE GUY. He shows up with an emerald green light, and has this really gentle wisdom in his presence so the trust factor is immediately high. I call on Raphael when I’m suffering in any ways… headaches, indigestion, really serious flus where I’ve started to have some pretty lucid dreams… I’ve felt immediate shifts in my symptoms – not always an immediate removal (because often the illness is a teacher), but where it becomes manageable so that I can actually learn the lesson.

Whenever I pray, I pretty much forget everything I learned in Catholic school where it’s super reverent and almost pleading, and it becomes a dialogue between equals, filled with gratitude. I always word it as though it’s already done, because I know when I hand it over to the angels it pretty much is. My prayers may sound something like, “Thank you Archangel Raphael for helping to mitigate the pain I’m experiencing with this headache. I’m so grateful to you for wrapping me in your emerald light and restoring my optimal health.”

2. I include more than the person struggling in my prayers.

Whenever you hear someone ask for prayers, they may say something like “My son is struggling with his health, please keep him in your prayers.” and don’t get me wrong – I’m happy to send those prayers. But I’m also acutely aware of care taker fatigue – especially for the people supporting those with chronic illness. It’s an emotional marathon to be in an extended state of limbo while you bring people to appointments, wait for test results, and watch powerlessly as someone you love suffers with their health. I always include the caretakers in my prayer.

Lately, I’ve also been including the doctors, surgeons, and other health care practitioners in my prayers. So I basically invite Archangel Raphael to act as a divine advisor. My prayers will include something like, “Thank you for showing the doctor everything they need to see and know in order to provide the best care.” It only takes an additional minute, and I’ve personally witnessed a doctor flip past pages in my chart, stop, go back and see something that makes them say “Oh, this changes everything!” and have my entire course of treatment change.

3. I consider the emotional and energetic reasons for the illness.

Illness is often a teacher – there’s wisdom in what ails us, and where. I know some of the “think positive” and “love and light” types use this as a shame tactic, but rather than beating myself up for illness, I prefer to remain curiosity and explore from this position.

For me, I have three resources I like to consult…

When I have something that comes up repeatedly, at a specific time of day, I like to review the Chinese Medicine Wheel Clock. This breaks down the clock and associates it with not only the body part or organ that is responsible for that time of day, but also the associated emotions that are connected to that part of the body. 

Additionally, I love Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life as a resource. She breaks down almost every ailment a body can have, the emotion behind it, and the affirmation that acts as a remedy.

Lastly, I love looking at where I’m feeling sick or injured and how that applies to the chakra system. Each chakra is responsible for it’s own energies and emotions, and more often than not I can see how they correlate with whatever I’m feeling.

4. I set powerful intentions.

While it’s great to know that I have angels to call on, and resources to check in with, I like to play an active role in my own healing, and that’s where the final 2 parts of this list come in.

Full transparency here, I’m recovering from a few types of anxiety, one of which is Illness Anxiety Disorder (formerly known as Hypochondria). Whenever I have any physical symptoms, I need to figure out whether they’re caused by illness (and if so, how severe) or anxiety. It makes something like a flu a pretty emotional experience. I try to keep the anxiety at bay, and keep myself in an empowered place by visualizing myself as healthy and happy, feeling vibrant and vital. I thank my body for strengthening my immune system, and thank my immune system for working so hard. I set the intention that I’m healing swiftly, and that all of what I’m experiencing is in support of my highest and greatest good. It keeps me feeling less like a victim of my circumstance, and helps me minimize any of the anxiety that comes up.

5. I amp up self care.

In my corporate days, I would overwork myself to the point of sickness before (literally) every vacation. Instead of being able to enjoy myself, I’d spend my time recovering from the cold, instead of the stress. It was  no bueno. When I worked in alternative health, I ended up at a clinic that profits before people, which lead to a lack of support which contributed to my inevitable breakdown that took a year to recover from. Now that I work for myself, I will never put myself in that position again.

All the energy work, vitamins, and good intentions even MEDICINE don’t really get a chance to do their thing if you don’t give yourself the space to let them work. Illness and injury are invitations to slow down, surrender control, give space, and relax. So what does that look like for you? Hot baths? Kitten snuggles? Cups of tea? Check. Check. Check. It’s seeing your doctor, or your therapist. It’s having a shower even when you don’t feel up to it. (Or not having a shower – no shame here, beautiful.) It’s being gentle with yourself. More allowing. Less “Should”ing. All of it is a powerful declaration that you are worth the time it takes to get you feeling better.

A quick (but serious) note here:
None of these are substitutions for medical advice. Don’t try to affirm away a serious infection for example. Use good judgment, and see your favourite health practitioner.

So that’s it! Those are my tips and tricks to amplify your healing. I’d love to know how these work for you… do you do something else? Inquiring minds wanna know. 🙂 

With love and magic,

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