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A Single Step: the essential tools you need to begin your spiritual journey
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Calling all soul seekers, cosmically curious, open hearted souls who are craving MORE…

If you’ve found yourself sitting in this space of possibility, knowing that more is possible, but not really sure to claim it, this is for you.
When we disconnect from our hearts, it’s like navigating life on foreign roads without GPS. Here’s the secret: you aren’t lost, but you ARE exploring new terrain. I’ll guide you through.

This work focuses on 3 key areas:

you’ll learn about the importance that openness plays in having divine experiences, some tools to let love in.

you’ll learn the foundational pieces needed to begin connecting with your guides, so you can have divine experiences.

you’ll learn how to deepen your relationship with your guides and your gifts, and how to ask and interpret signs.

New lessons drop on Monday, Wednesday and Friday…

I’ll be in your inbox with a video lesson and some additional supports to help guide you back to your heart. (You’ll want to make sure you check the box to allow emails so you don’t miss a thing.) You’ll need about 30 minutes a day to complete the lesson, and you won’t need more than your wifi connection, a journal, and your favourite pen.

Each lesson builds on the last, so you’ll want to make sure you stay caught up. (This is why you don’t receive content on Tuesday and Thursday.) And like with all my programs, I’d love to invite you to my Facebook community, The Lightwalker’s path so you can share your experiences with your fellow travellers.

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