a soul sister sanctuary

Welcome Home…

Imagine a place where every aspect of your journey is celebrated, where each interaction fuels the flames of your inner power.

Picture forging relationships that defy the limitations of screens, where every connection propels you toward greater understanding and ignites the fire of your spiritual potential.

Welcome to The Sacred Soul Sisterhood.

I’ve always been a spiritual seeker, searching for that elusive sense of home…

My journey began in an environment that didn’t encourage bold self-expression or sensitivity, leading me to stifle my intuitive gifts and dim my inner light until  my early 30s.

Home should be where we can freely embrace and express our true selves, but for most of us, that’s not always the case.  Societally, those of us on Turtle Island feel like cultural orphans – disconnected from our ancestral roots that stretch across the globe.

The pursuit of home and the longing for a sense of belonging are intricately intertwined. When we struggle to put down roots, we lose connection with each other, our souls and our purpose.

The Sacred Soul Sisterhood is a sanctuary designed for women who are nurturing their inner light, reclaiming their innate gifts, and deepening their connection with their spiritual practice.

All of you is invited. All of you is welcome. All of you is celebrated.

Sister, the search is over. You’re in the right place.

real stories from past clients

Tar'kesa deepened her healing

“Seryna embodied the safe space that I needed to reveal the wounds that needed healing in my mind, body
& spirit.”

Angela claimed her wholeness

“Before I met Seryna  I was afraid to be fully who I am in my full, authentic self. She has given me the strength and the courage to be me.”

Leetah launched her dream biz

“[Seryna] helped me to birth myself in such a beautiful, validated way, and now all my dreams are here. She’s been such a beautiful presence in my life, and a strong seer of who I am.”

Plans to support you on every step of your spiritual journey.


Embark on a solitary inner journey with exclusive access to an always evolving resource library. Perfect for introverts, those with tight schedules, or those not yet prepared to open up in group settings.

Monthly & Annual Member Plans Available


Full spectrum spiritual support: channeled transmissions, monthly healings, and access to our library and virtual meditation spaces. Perfect for those in search of a vibrant spiritual community.

Monthly & Annual Member Plans Available


Elevate your support beyond the content and community through our monthly private coaching sessions. In these limited spaces, the spotlight is on your unique journey and spiritual growth.

Annual Plans Only With 2-Pay Option

“home is what you take with you, not what you leave behind.”

N.K. Jemisin, American writer

Community Calls

While our virtual retreat center remains accessible around the clock, we come together as a community a few times each month for group reiki sessions, energetic upgrades, engaging interviews with fellow soul leaders, and more! Each gathering serves as your chance to unite with the circle of spiritual sisters, cultivating connections that transcend the confines of pixels and screens.

What It's All About:

Heart-felt conversations about life, love and spirituality. A delicious reason to prioritize your path this month.

What You'll Find Inside:

Tools to help you strengthen your commitment and build a practice that fits your life –  not the other way around.

Spiritual Support Library

Unlock the wisdom gained from 15 years of personal spiritual exploration with our expansive spiritual support library. Dive into a diverse array of meditations, masterclasses, sacred rites and rituals, and a wealth of other transformative resources. This carefully curated collection is designed to fast-track your own spiritual journey by tapping into the insights and experience accumulated over the years.

Intuitive Coaching

Embarking on the spiritual path is often filled with twists and turns, and having a trusted guide to accompany you on this transformative journey can make all the difference. With Seryna by your side, you not only gain a compassionate and non-judgmental space for your spiritual exploration but also receive expert guidance in seamlessly integrating your sacred practices into your daily life, ensuring a more harmonious and enriching spiritual journey.

Like Having a Psychic on Speed-Dial

Available in group circles and in private sessions, intuitive coaching helps you navigate the growing pains that come from soul expansion.

Our Members Are Excited to Meet You!

here’s their experience in the sisterhood

Picture of a smiling Katie from Luxembourg wearing a sundress. She is on a neutral coloured wall.


“I have made huge strides in moving on in my journey – with ease while feeling like I’m held in a warm hug by Seryna (and team), who ensures this is the safest, most respectful and inclusive space you can imagine.”


“I’ve come to realize that the answers to my most pressing questions were always within me, waiting to be unearthed. Seryna’s skillful and deep questioning has been like a beacon, illuminating the hidden wisdom that resided deep in my heart.”
Picture of Kassi from Canada in a hot pink romper standing in front of some vibrant green shrubs.


A community full of love, wisdom, and acceptance! This is where I can ask freely without feeling ashamed or uncomfortable. I am so blessed to know more amazing women who are here to support and love you and share their wisdom without holding back. This is one of my safe places where I can just be myself! A genuinely warm community that you don’t want to miss being a part of.

Our Growing Membership Currently Looks Like:


5 countries, 4 languages, 3 continents, 6 time zones and counting


we’re a welcoming, LGBTQ-friendly, anti-racist and fat-positive group


every voice matters and there’s zero hierarchy – we’re all in circle together


we are empaths, healers, intuitives and deeply compassionate

picture yourself here

This community was made for you.

A space where you can be celebrated in your best moments and your most challenging ones.


Where you feel safe to show up, even on your worst days because you know the healing power of community and that we love you as you are..


Where you don’t feel the need to be, feel, or act in any other way than what comes naturally. Every facet of you is embraced.


You give so much. You do so much.
It’s time for you to have a space where you’re the one being held.

“the ache for home lives in all of us”

Maya Angelou, American poet and civil rights activist

Your Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the plans?

Our membership has 2 parts:

  • the resource library hosted on Podia which houses our meditations, masterclasses, workbooks and so much more
  • the virtual community hosted on GoBrunch where we connect live for activations, energy healings and live talks

The Content plan includes just the resource library.

The Community plan includes both.

The Coaching plan is everything in community with the added benefit of monthly private coaching calls with me.

When are the calls?

Our growing membership spans across many time zones and we do our best to vary the schedule of live calls so everyone is included. We are in North America so most calls support these time zones however we also host weekend and early morning events to try to reach everyone.

What's the confidentiality policy?

In the terms and conditions, members agree to keep confidence all things they experience within the community, including what they see in the chats or hear in the virtual rooms. Confidence is essential for people to feel safe in vulnerably opening up – a requirement for true connection and healing the sisterhood wound. In certain circumstances (particularly when safety is involved) a member may need anonymity and is able to join the community under an assumed name. Reach out to our team if you have concerns about this.

What if I don't like it?

If something isn’t feeling good, please let us know – if we can make changes to be more inclusive and supportive, we’d like the chance to! That being said, there are no refunds after payment is made, but you can cancel anytime and end your recurring billing.

If you’re not 100% sure, we recommend you start with a monthly plan to test it out.

What if they don't like me?

Hey – we’re all in this together and healing the parts of ourselves that feel like we don’t belong. Each of us is unravelling old stories and conditioning that has us believing we’re too much or not enough (sometimes both!).

The good thing is this community has lots of space for connection, so if you aren’t vibing with someone, there’s options for you to explore beyond the room they’re in.

Remember, we’re sisters… and sisters don’t always get along, but with some love and intention, we can be connected and grow together through it.

If you’ve made it this far, this is what I’d like you to know…

I know a thing or two about living life on the outside. Until my 30s I feared people would know my truth: that I was psychic, spiritual, grew up in poverty and addiction, and that I’ve made some questional personal choices.

I felt like the weird one, when these very things are what make me the powerful space holder and secret keeper that I am today.

I created this membership because I believe we all need a safe space to express our fullest selves. We need to gift ourselves permission to be curious about who we are and what we desire.

Women are the social glue of our communities – bringing positive change in the world. It begins with each of us individually (re)claiming our power and creates a ripple effect through every life we touch.

We're ready to celebrate your unique magic!



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