Over the last few months I’ve been talking a lot about Summer of Soul, and because we’re nearing the end of early bird pricing (I can’t believe it’s already tomorrow!) I thought I’d write a quick post here with a summary of basically everything you need to know beyond the sales page, about the retreat itself. I’ll be linking to some content I’ve shared online, but keeping it tied to this one space so it’s easier to for you to access.

Here’s the thing though, sweet one… My job isn’t to convince you, it’s to create a magical experience that calls the right people in. If you feel a little tingle, but you’re not quite sure if the retreat is for you, email me, PM me, and we can hop on a brief call to chat about what you’re looking for, and if that’s something we can deliver.

First Up – The Venue

We’ll be spending 4 days at Sts’ailes Lhawet Lalem – a First Nations healing centre along the Chehalis River in beautiful British Columbia. This video gives you the tour.

Next – The Workshops

These are all listed on our sales page of course, but I’m including them here too since this is all about consolidating information.

Lastly – there’s The EXPERIENCE

Today I jumped on Facebook Live to chat about what’s going to happen there, what a typical day of the retreat will look like, and what you can expect beyond the people you’ll meet.

Here’s a super quick summary of what you’ll get:

  • Transportation from Vancouver (if required) on Thursday and Sunday
  • Workshops, ceremonies, break out sessions from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon
  • Vegetarian meals and evening snacks
  • Nightly camp fires (weather permitting)
  • Summer camp accommodations
  • 2 x Master Mind dinners with presenters
  • Morning yoga, and lots of downtime to relax, integrate, journal and reflect

Your investment: $997 Canadian (early bird) or $1497 Canadian after March 31st.

Listen… I get it. Taking time away from your business (especially if you’re in the early stages when that hustle and go-go-go are SO important) is scary. But the hustle isn’t sustainable without major self-care. You are your most valuable asset in your business, so you need opportunities like these to keep you energized, inspired, and to keep the cup full. These are networking opportunities (I met almost ALL of the presenters at events like this one!) where you’ll find clients and collaborators. This is an investment in yourself AND your business.

So are you ready? Early bird registration closes tomorrow.

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