Learn to make big bank selling

your services, and not your soul.




4 days of community, connection, and ceremony.


This is your invitation

…to run wild – far away from your desk and your neverending to-do list
…to play in the woods and recharge your spirit
…to connect with your soul sisters, and to the Divinity within

Because here’s the thing, beautiful…

It can be hard to stay inspired when you’re a one-woman show wearing many hats. And it’s hard for the other people in your life who aren’t running their own businesses or playing with magic every day (you know, muggles) to relate.

Be honest, how many of them wonder what exactly it is you do?

It is totally possible to take a grounded, pragmatic approach to business – even when you’re making money with magic, using manifestation to call in your dream clients, and working with all things woo.

If you ever had any doubt, I’ve got just the thing to show you otherwise.

Introducing: Summer of Soul

Sleepaway camp for lightworkers, changemakers and visionaries.

4 days for you to connect with your business besties, tune into your divine nature, dream big, and walk away with inspiration and tangible, executable plans to kick ass for the remainder of 2017.

Imagine this…

A massive slumber party with dozens of soul-based entrepreneurs who are changing the world, one person at a time…

now picture it at SUMMER CAMP.

We’ll be gathering in beautiful Agassiz, BC — 90 minutes from the heart of Vancouver, along the Chehalis River. Our days will be spent in both work and play, with workshops, breakout sessions and ceremonies that will support your Spirit and your business.
Each day will start off with yoga and meditation and end with a ceremony and bon fire at night with oodles of content and some pre-scheduled integration time in the middle. Throw in breakout sessions, and masterminding dinners, you’ve got a value-packed schedule that will transform you and your business from the inside out.

Here’s how it all plays out…

Thursday, June 8th — Welcome

You’ll meet up with our shuttle in central Vancouver, where you’ll be whisked away to the beautiful Fraser Valley, along the Chehalis river. You’ll start meeting your soul sisters and the magic will begin en route. You’ll snuggle into your rooms, eat a delicious dinner prepared with love, and open the retreat with an angel ceremony.

Saturday, June 10th — Action

We’ll build on the foundation we’ve set and move into systems you’ll implement when you’re back at the office. You’ll learn about branding your business with soul, packaging your services for profit, project management tools that’ll boost your productivity and more! We’ll end with a celebration of movement in the form of sacred dance.

Friday, June 9th — Alignment

Friday’s workshops are all about getting you perfectly aligned for success, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams. You’ll learn about soul purpose, money mindset, diving deep into your intuition – and then we’ll use the full moon mojo for an abundance ceremony at night.

Sunday, June 11th — Integration

During our last day together, you’ll learn how all of the pieces fit together to support you taking big action once you’re back home. After, you’ll pack up your gear, load back into the shuttle, and in true summer camp fashion, say goodbye on the ride back into the city.

Fast Action Bonuses

(for the first 5 registrants only)
  • A personalized, intuitive reading with Michelle Schroer where you can go DEEP to explore one topic in life or business. Michelle uses all 5 Clairs to convery messages from Spirit.
  • An abundance ritual by Dani Turcotte. This step by step process guides you through the how to’s of attracting abundance in your life, and can be used regularly. (I highly recommend doing this under the New Moon.)
  • A brand audit by Seryna Myers. This report combs through your online presence to make sure you’re having the impact you’re aiming for, with your dream clients.

Early Bird Bonuses

Because we know June feels so far away, we want to start giving you value SOONER.
Early bird registrants will receive these bonuses in Spring 2017:


Online Sales Funnel Training with Colette Belisle

If you want to start leading with your genius (i.e. do what you actually ENJOY in your biz) and be able to take a month off without sacrificing your income, you must treat your business as if you’re always preparing to sell it…even if that’s the last thing you want to do with your business-baby.


Colette Belisle, MBA (Oxford) is a sought-after International Business & Sales Funnel Strategist, Leadership Catalyst & Speaker who understands that following cookie-cutter business strategies and fluffy “just do what I did” advice from self-professed gurus is a surefire way to sink your business dreams faster than the Titanic.


She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get out of overwhelm & grow their businesses without compromising a single iota of authenticity. Her superpower is combining her corporate consulting experience with scalable online strategies so cutting edge your 14-year-old hasn’t heard of them.


Your Story as a Catalyst for Impact – Livestream and Q&A with Rocky Callen

Details coming soon.

Cultivating Community for Your Dream Clients – Masterclass with Seryna Myers

The key to not just rocking your business, but doing it in a way that LIGHTS. YOU. UP. is to work with the right people. Cultivating a community of your dream clients is the best way to not only establish your expert status, but to forge relationships that lead to projects that feel good for all parties, and glowing recommendations and testimonials from the people you most love to work with. Seryna shares the tools she used to manage over $1M in sales quota every year in her corporate days, by focusing on the relationships before the dollah-dollah-bills, and operating from a service and soul based place always.

Early Bird Pricing Ends








Here’s what’s included:

  • Transportation via shuttle to and from the venue from central Vancouver, Canada.
    (Pick up Thursday afternoon, Drop off Sunday early evening.)
  • All workshops, keynote speakers, ceremonies, breakout sessions
  • Working dinners where you can Mastermind with event presenters
  • Private Facebook group where you can begin connecting with your fellow campers
  • All meals (from dinner Thursday to lunch Sunday), vegetarian and prepared with love
  • Summer camp accommodations in bunk beds, with your soul sisters
  • Nightly camp fires (weather permitting) where you can  drum, strum and kumbaya your face off

Your Investment

Early Bird: $997 $1497

(or 2 payments of $499)

Wondering what my retreats are like?
Here’s what was said about the last one:

quotesI was looking for a sisterhood, a safe place where I could share myself and also learn more about self care and myself. I found exactly that. Seryna put in a lot of effort down to the tiny details to make a safe space and container for everyone to share whatever they wanted. – Tyra F. (video)

quotesWhat did I get out of the weekend in Agassiz in 2015? Fun. Community. Laughter. Knowledge. Joy.
I had such a great time and met the most fantastic women full of vitality. – Tanya G. (video)

quotesIt was such a wonderful experience. I highly recommend it for anyone who is thinking about going. It’s really a weekend that fills your soul, enlivens your heart, and makes you feel the spirit within. – Kristi S. (video)

The Guarantee

We’re all in, are you?

Tickets are non refundable, but they are transferable.
So if for some reason you’re unable to join us, you can send a soul sister in your place.

Now darling, it’s time for some straight talk…

If you’re thinking this isn’t for you because:

The travel is a beast

Vancouver is our biggest city on the west coast… if you’re coming from the US, we are 3 hours north of Seattle. YVR is an international airport and traffic hub, with oodles of flights coming in and out from many destinations. Depending on where you’re based, you’re likely able to fly direct. (If you’re from outside Canada, don’t forget to pack your passport!)

You've got some badass support staff that you've hired to take care of these things

First off – good on you for building a killer team! Gold stars all around!! That being said, while you can get your peeps to do your marketing and sales, they’re not the ones responsible for your big picture strategy, or making sure your energy is aligned for optimal success. I’d suggest coming yourself so you aren’t missing out on the connections to be had… but of course if you think your team would benefit, you’re welcome to bring them too. (You guys can even bunk together for some business bonding.)

It takes too much time away from your business

Let’s be honest… you could really use a break, couldn’t you? Taking some downtime to recharge in nature is going to leave you more fuelled up and ready to kick ass in your business once you return. Plus, you’ll be learning valuable skills and making connections with future clients and collaborators in what is typically a slower time for many businesses. So you’re not REALLY off the clock, you’re maximizing downtime.

If you’re a home based business, you save over 8 days worth of commuting two and from an office each day (at an average of 25 minutes each way). Why not invest that time savings back into your business for big returns? You’ll stress less, inhale less smog, and mutter a few less curse words under your breath.

You're digging on SOME of the topics, but not ALL of them

This is where you’ll need to do a cost/benefit to decide if this is the right gathering for you and your business. What I can tell you is that the relationships you form at events like these are as valuable (if not more so!) than the content presented. Plus, you can opt out of any workshops or talks that aren’t your jam, and use that time to journal, sit by the river, walk through nature, have a nap… I think you see where I’m going with this. 😉

You don't feel very woo-y or you haven't integrated spirituality in your business

You could come strictly for the biz content, but you’d be missing out on the full experience. If you’re really closed off to the idea of running a soul-aligned business, this is likely not the event for you. And that’s a-ok!

This retreat is perfect for you if…

You see your business as a spiritual practice and you yearn to go deeper

You need to stretch your legs from being chained to your desk and meet the peeps you talk to every day off of Facebook

You feel the aches of uplevelling and you’re ready to break through the blocks and reach new levels of success

You’re looking to get a lot of value in a short amount of time that you can start implementing immediately

You’re looking for a guide, not a guru and you believe collaboration trumps competition always

You’re going to walk away with…

  • New meditations and mantras to get your mindset aligned to success
  • Workshops and Inspirational talks about soul-aligned business, heart-centred leadership, and how to navigate yourself for success
  • New relationships with soul sisters who are walking a spiritual entrepreneurial path… your new biz besties, future collaborators, and confidantes
  • 2 Mastermind dinners with the speakers where you can get expert advice and chat all things biz and woo
  • Breakout sessions to shake things up, enhance the summer camp experience, and reconnect with play
  • Sleepaway camp bunk-style shared accommodations for slumber party perfection
  • Nightly bon fires in the woods to round out the summer camp experience

Meet The Speakers

Seryna Myers

serynaSeryna Myers is an intuitive brand strategist who believes authenticity is the key to heart-centred marketing. She’s been helping business owners create soul-aligned brands their dream clients fall in love with, for the last 12 years. Seryna spent her early 20s in corporate, earning sales excellence awards and trips from Microsoft, then shifted her focus to living mindfully in work and at home after the 2008 recession. Seryna is the founder of Summer of Soul and is a Global Ambassador for the Body Image Movement. She believes that when women come together with focus and purpose, there is pretty much nothing they can’t do. www.seryna.ca


Chantelle Adams

Chantelle Adams is a Professional Speaker, Speech Stylist and Courage Igniter.  She has delivered over 800 speeches and added more than 6 figures to her business through speaking.  Now she teaches women entrepreneurs how to own their story and have the courage to share it while turning their message into a movement!  www.chantelleadams.com


Richelle Payer

Have you ever met an Angelic Reader who actually feels like they live here on Earth? If not, I’d like to introduce you to Richelle. She’s a soft spoken spiritual gangster who loves all things Angels. She creates a warm and loving space for you to open up and is able to call forward your light within to shine even brighter. Her Angelic Alchemy is transformational at a soul level and she does all of this while relaying her wisdom in a loving, kind and compassionate way.  www.richellepayer.com


Ann Marie McKenzie

Being a light warrior for her mother while losing her to cancer inspired Ann Marie to step into her authentic self. Ann Marie has always been a passionate spirit on a path of self discovery, but losing her Mother made her question everything. This tragedy empowered her to start her own business, get back to doing things that she loves by utilizing her unique talents. The Desire Map anchored her in love during her Mothers loss, giving Ann Marie the strength needed to help her in her transition. She felt she had a choice – to become bitter or better. When licensing became available, she jumped at the opportunity to be a Desire Map Facilitator – she chose better.

Ann Marie now creates goals with more soul based on her core desired feelings – luminous, rooted, in-flow with the Universe, authentic and abundance. She is a shining light and a great Desire Map Facilitator who delivers her workshops with true conviction. www.annmariemckenzie.com


Baljit Rayat

Baljit Rayat is the founder of Lotus Destiny™ and Creator of the Lotus Destiny Star Activation™ system, an Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher who powerfully connects you to your Soul’s Purpose so you can bring your gifts and talents into reality.

Baljit has been doing Akashic Records readings since 2006 and has served thousands of people globally assisting them on attracting healthy relationships in all areas of their life by connecting them to their authentic sensual power, and living their truth. www.lotusdestiny.com


Jess Sells

Jess is a writer, seer, and strategist. She’s been called “dangerously intuitive” and “psychic as fuck” and she’s ALL IN with life – one that moves at the intersection of spirituality, conscious business, and social justice.

With a background in business growth consulting, brand strategy, and journalism combined with decades of spiritual study and practice, Jess works with bold visionaries… the revolutionaries, light-workers, change-makers, healers, rebels, shadow walkers, witches… to align inner work and outer action with soul purpose and core values. It’s about who we are, how we show up, how we serve, and how we take action to create actual change in the world.


Ash Ahern

Speaker, coach and mommy of 3, Ash hails from Calgary, AB and is no stranger to the paycheck to paycheck grind. In fact, despite having her power and water cut off, being evicted AND having her car repossessed,  she found a way through the storm and has emerged on the other side. Today she helps spirit-driven mompreneurs who are emotionally and financially exhausted who want to create seamingly effortless cashflow and becoming DEBT FREE all by doing LESS. Ash attributes her powerful transformation to EFT, music therapy, tough love and a decade of experience as a licensed broker in the financial industry. www.ashleighahern.com


Shannon Townsend

Shannon Townsend is The Get Shit Done Coach. She shows you how to finish all of your current big-messy projects, conquer the mountain of incomplete tasks sitting on your plate, and actually see the results you’ve been promised all along. Gotta get that email/website/presentation finished before the cows come home – done. Wanna do it without going bonkers – legit possible. Ready to take over the world – can do. All it takes is a small chunk of time, a bit of breathing room, and her tangible tools to Get Shit Done. www.ShannonTownsendCoaching.com


Desiree Sher

Desirée Sher has been on a spiritual journey seeking inner peace and joy her entire adult life. After surviving a stroke, multiple losses, divorce and then a car accident, which left her without a voice for six months, Desirée found what she was looking for. She is now on a heart driven mission to share the lessons she learned on her journey with others in both her work as a coach and as a speaker. Desirée is the host of the Power Up podcast, editor of the Inspire magazine and author of the book, Refuse to Sink.  www.desireesher.com


Meaghan Alton

Meaghan Alton delivers practical tools and strategies to create income and impact with ease.  She became fascinated with money at a young age. After earning a Business Degree and a Master’s degree in Economics, she devoted her career to understanding how money works. Her core belief is that entrepreneurs have an amazing gift to change and heal the world. She helps business leaders unlock their potential so they can increase their impact in the world, and their bottom line.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Agassiz?

In an effort to make this as effortless for you as possible, we’re going to have a shuttle leaving from central Vancouver that will whisk you away to the retreat centre in Agassiz. If you’re driving in, you can follow the driving directions on the venue’s website here.

Can I choose my roommates?

Eff yeah you can! If you’re travelling with friends or teammates, you can request to bunk together. You may also meet new peeps you click with in our Facebook group. If you don’t specify, your room will be energetically assigned to you.

Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions?

The venue is very accommodating if given enough time. Please make sure to let me know of any food issues as soon as possible. While they will do their very best, please note that the venue does not have a gluten free certified kitchen, so if you have life-threatening sensitivities, we may need to find other options.

Will there be day passes?

The short answer is: no. The fuller answer is that in order to maintain a sacred space, we request that participants join us for the entire weekend. It’s how you’ll get the most out of the retreat, and it will preserve the cohesiveness of the group’s energy.