Thank you for joining us for Origin, I am so excited to take this journey with you.

Here’s a few things that you should know to help you through this program.

How to Best Leverage Origin…

I’ve included the content in the recommended order for proceeding. I know some of you may be rebels, or your intuition may guide you in another direction, so do whatever feels right and honours your process best.

In terms of supplies, I recommend that you have a designated journal for this work, and you’re favourite pen. Ideally you’d have a favourite oracle or tarot deck for additional insight. (This is not required, but will be especially helpful in Unit 4. Make sure you have time to yourself for digging in, and lots of water on hand.

Share Your Journey in the Facebook Community

Continuing the journey beyond the program units is the best way to make this an immersive experience. I invite you to join our Facebook group to connect with your fellow journeyers to celebrate, to share, to go through this program openly, and vulnerably, in a safe and sacred way.

How to Prepare

For the meditations, you’ll need about 15 minutes to listen to the recording, and you’ll want to give yourself about an hour to reflect on the worksheets in each unit.

The live calls are about an hour, but you’ll want to give yourself more uninterrupted time so you can pause it and jot down any additional insights. Don’t worry about missing anything – you can always come back to the recording, and I’ve included the questions in a separate document that you can refer back to. You’ll want to make sure you have something to write with/on, lots of water, and a bit of time on the other side of the call to integrate the wisdom.

The self-care activities will vary in length, and are entirely optional. They’re just another way to get the most out of this program.

Week 4’s content goes much deeper with the use of oracle or tarot cards. These aren’t a requirement, but you’ll definitely get more out of the content, so I highly encourage you to find a deck you connect with. (I’ve made some suggestions of decks I recommend in the Facebook group.)

With love and magic…

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