There’s the old adage, “A place for everything, and everything in its place”…. but this post isn’t about tidiness. Instead, I’d like to explore the concept of sacred space, and why it’s so important in our busy lives.

Many professional organizers discuss the importance of defined work areas – parts of an office that are set up specifically for their function. The theory behind this is that it reduces distraction, hones in on purpose and boosts productivity. But how often do we see this kind of compartmentalization in our personal lives? Many of us have no division at all, eating in front of the TV, working from bed. I’ll be honest… I’m typing this in bed right now, and I realize I’m not currently walking the walk – but I’m thinking about it, and hope this post inspires you to do the same.

Space is premium real estate… especially in a market like Vancouver where the units are small and upgrading to something larger may not be financially viable. Pampered Goddess is run from my home, and when I first started, everything was made and run out of my kitchen. With our move in June, I was able to take over a spare bedroom to make the new Pampered Goddess HQ, and I had such aspirations for the space… I envisioned shelves for storage, a shipping area, a desk, a meditation corner… but then reality hit and my business has a lot of STUFF. So it didn’t quite work out as planned, and the meditation nook is being moved to my bedroom.

Creating sacred space is setting an intention. It’s declaring your plans to the Universe and then doing them. So even if it’s a small space, it needs to remain sacred. Don’t bring your cell phone in. Don’t build it somewhere noisy where you’re likely to be interrupted. Mark the space: use candles, crystals, wall hangings, spiritual symbols, animal totems… create an altar, a crystal grid… burn sage and clear the energy so it’s ready when you are. Only you will know what needs to be there, because only you know what is sacred to YOU. Fill the space up with so much feel good energy that there isn’t room for anything else. Then, use it. Do yoga, Meditate. Create. Pray. Manifest. Journal. Read. Enjoy a cup of tea. Make it part of your self-care routine. I promise… you deserve it.

It doesn’t have to be a room, and it doesn’t even have to be indoors. Many people have part of their garden, their balcony. Some people have a moving sacred space, like their bathroom. They still hold the ritual of lighting candles, using essential oils, then climbing into a soothing bath and pay reverence to their body and spirit. The importance is that it is space and time dedicated to YOU, and that you set it up declaring it as such.

When re-branding Pampered Goddess, I had to evaluate what products to bring in since I was no longer making them all, and I decided to add a category in the store devoted to sacred space. The things you see in our shop are types of things that support me, and this is more of the same. While there are only a couple of items right now, expect to see this part of the site grow with time. I truly believe that creating sacred space is instrumental in supporting inner work, and I want to provide you with the tools you need to create your own.

Do you currently have a sacred space set up in your home or office? Tell us about it! How do you use it? How did you make it sacred? How has it impacted your life?

With love,

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