There is something pretty magical that happens with a winter palette. So many people assume that a winter palette is limited to shades of white and blue… maybe some silver for a bit o’ twinkle… Or God forbid the hideous red and green combo of a traditional Christmas… but winter has so much more going on.

There are beautiful tone on tone palettes where you’ll see various shades of blues and greys dancing together, balancing each other out in a composition. You’ll see pastels that are so delicate you’re sure they’ll melt, in a way that no other season provides. But that’s not my favourite part…

For me, the best part of a winter palette is to find the vibrant POPS of colour that stand out amongst the rest of the muted tones. Sometimes it’s a lighter palette with one pop, and sometimes it’s a a bold image in a sea of snow topped mountain on pale blue skies. For this round of brand-spiration I’ve come up with 5 palettes that are a twist on the ordinary. They’re winter completely reimagined. I hope you love them like I do.

PIN - season winter 1 PIN - season winter 2 PIN - season winter 3.0 PIN - season winter 4 PIN - season winter 5.0