The secret to making impact

Want to know what the #1 mistake I see people making in the promotion of their businesses?

They’re forcing connection. Or trying to, anyways.

They haven’t taken the time to first get clear on who and how they serve, and then to go out and make relationships with those people, with those offers, so they are expending a crapton of energy (yes, that’s an official unit of measure) on creating content that no one is listening to. Bummer, right? So why do they fall into this trap, and what can they do instead? The solution to every scenario this happens in is CLARITY. Lemme tell ya how that one simple theory can help.

Problem 1: They’re rookies

We were all rookies once, so this is not to bash any newbs on the scene, but something I’ve witnessed is people with big ideas and a lot of excitement end up jumping the gun. They want so badly to bring this vision to fruition that they start posting madly, to no particular audience, and it all falls a little flat. Or worse, it comes off phony.

By taking the time to get to know your people, you save a lot of time and effort creating content and offers that may not even be of interest to them. Do market research. Survey your peeps. Don’t just look at what everyone else is doing and make your own version – look at the people you’re excited to work with and then ASK THEM how you can help. It seems more intimidating than it is, I promise.

Because here’s the thing beautiful… that energy and excitement you’re feeling right now? It won’t be enough to sustain you in a year of low revenues and zilch on the connection front. There needs to be a give and take with your audience, and before you can give, you need to know what they want.

Problem 2:  They’re hungry

When you’re running your biz and things aren’t going well and the debt is racking up and you’re wondering how you’ll pay next month’s rent, you will feel a fire under your ass. But that hunger energy, when you’re on the receiving end of it, comes across as a bit desperate. (I feel like a dick saying that, but it’s true.) But that same fire can quickly turn to hustle with some clarity and focus.

When you’re in that spot, feeling the burn, stop… JUST STOP. Only for a moment I promise. Take a breath, then get clear on a few things. What have you offered (even if you did it for free) that went well with your peeps? What can you do as a one day masterclass? Or a week long virtual workshop? What about a VIP day? The what is going to vary depending on your business, but what you’re looking for are quick wins based on things you’ve already done (so you don’t need a lot of prep time before you launch). This will be easier than trying to come up with something new, it will help you feel confident because you’ve had wins in this area before, and you’ll already be clear on who and how to serve because you’re repurposing a previous offer.

The toughest part of the hunger space is that it’s really hard to feel safe and free to be creative and innovate when you don’t have your basics covered. Which means until you do, you’ll have a tough time showing up for your people. So look to the NOW for what you can do to generate some extra income quickly, THEN shift your vision into the bigger ways you can serve on the longer term scale. Cover your butt first. You’ll be surprised at the greatness you’re capable of without that pressure holding you back.

Problem 3: They’re afraid.

The whispers of the shadow self are basically kryptonite to entrepreneurs. It’s really important that you look behind that fear to see if it’s all bullshit, or if there’s a nugget there that you need to take away. Fear shows up in a bunch of messed up ways.

I’m afraid to niche because I won’t get enough clients. BULLSHIT. When you niche properly and focus on that one perfect audience who hungers for the work you do, you cut away all the crap. No more content that doesn’t resonate. No more launches to crickets. No more clarity calls with super low close rates. When you get clear on who your dream clients are and what they need, everything else flows with ease.

I’m afraid they won’t like my offer. It’s time for tough love sweet one. If you didn’t ask them what they wanted, and you just made what YOU wanted, then it’s a definite possibility. If you come from a place of client-centric service, you not only know how they hurt, but how you can help, and then you do that. You do it lots. You do it so much and so well that you become the go-to person for that. But you can’t do it without having the conversations first. Anything less is working for a place of assumptions. And you know what they say about when you ASSume?

I’m afraid of being visible. ie: What if they don’t like me? Darling, it is not your job to make everyone like you. You are not Nutella. Spend some time looking at this, and what it is you’re afraid of. I can tell you as a plus size woman, I’ve had moments doing video or photo shoots where I’ve worried the trolls will come and get me. And you know what? The ones that did, took issue with what I was saying, not how I looked while saying it. When you are clear and confident in your message and your purpose, visibility isn’t an issue – it’s just the vehicle to spread the word. And we NEED your word. There is a reason you were put on this planet, and you’re literally the only person in the entire world who can share your story.

Connection is an organic process.

It can’t be rushed. It can’t be bought.

It happens when you take the time to get super clear about the who, the what, and the why, and then you start shouting it from the rooftops. And then your tribe will follow.

You can catch me ranting about this on a Facebook Live replay here.

Get clear, then get going. Your dream clients are waiting.

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