The Trust Factor

On: Sep 22, 2020
By: seryna

We seem to have some misconceptions about what it means to run a business spiritually. (Re-read that if you’re confused: this isn’t about running a spiritual business, specifically.)

Somewhere doing anything spiritually conjured up ideas of rituals and ceremonies, working with the elements, or the moon’s cycles… and while it can include any or all of those things, the one thing that all businesses have when they’re operating/planning/strategizing spiritually, is an unshakeable knowing that they are being supported by a force greater than they are.

The trust factor.

I talk a lot about navigating life with your inner compass, and to me, that’s the ultimate trust there is. It’s the access and awareness of your own innate knowing (without the baggage we’ve been programmed with clouding the intel you receive), and a connection to a higher force (God, the Universe, the Divine, whatever language supports you) to support and guide the way. That trust can make you do wacky things. I’ve had clients instantly pivot, change the name of their business, move cities, and so on, because that connection was louder than any doubt within them could be.

And you leap.

You don’t even know why you’re leaping, and sometimes the direction you’re headed isn’t clear yet either, but you do it, in full trust, knowing that it’s the best service of your highest and greatest good.

Here’s a recent way it’s shown up for me…

A few mornings ago, I woke up with the name Ramit Sethi in my head. I knew he was an author and online entrepreneur, but I don’t follow him and know zero about his business. Intrigued, I do a quick Google search and find out he’s giving a keynote this week at Podia’s creator conference. (Podia is my online teaching platform, and even though I’d seen lots of notice about the free conference, I wasn’t registering.) So I sign up, but I don’t know when his talk is, and I don’t really try to figure out because I thought worst case scenario, I’d catch it on the replay. Days go by, and I’m honestly not really thinking about it. Until today.

This morning I wake up, and my eyes immediately dart to this email (the second in my inbox):

It was an automated email sent by a service I’d recently signed up for, and it was asking me if I’d like to connect with my dear friend Kate, who passed away a couple of years ago. (She’s also the one who shows up to give me nudges when I need them.) That got my attention – and when I went to the first email in my inbox, it was about the conference, about Ramit’s talk specifically and when it would be happening… and wouldn’t you know, you have to attend live because there will be no replay.

I look at the time, and it’s happening during my regular weekly coaching call – except this week, when the call was cancelled, so wouldn’t you know it – that exact time slot opened up perfectly. I won’t know until Thursday what I was meant to receive from his talk, but I know it’ll be dang good!


The Knowing is for Everyone

When we look at our intuition as something that’s woo-woo instead of part of our own inner navigation system, we dismiss our knowing – which usually leads us to deferring our power to someone else. It’s dangerous, especially for entrepreneurs, to not trust their gut, because sometimes, it’s literally all you’ve got.

My coaching practice works with all kinds of businesses – not just the mediums, yogis, and herbalists. I’ve worked with fitness coaches, teachers, doctors, and therapists to name a few. These are professions that some might consider to be a little less magical, but who have greatly benefitted from using their intuition in their planning, their launches, their design, their copy, and their content creation. Together we bring forward the guidance from their angels, guides, and ancestors that will help them reach their next level greatness. (And soon, they don’t need me at all because they’re bringing forward these messages all on their own!)

The thing all of my clients have in common is the trust factor.

It starts out as a trust in me to guide them on their way. It turns into a trust in their own divine connection. And then, the trust in themselves to show up fully to bring their magic and message into the world. That’s when it REALLY gets juicy!

How this plays out in business

Every one of my clients has used their intuition differently. That being said, the one thing all of my clients do is use it to make their day to day decisions. Whether it’s who to hire or who to partner with, which events to speak at and which clients to take, their intuition is guiding the way.

Many will use it in their copywriting, especially on their sales pages and websites. There are a million ways to say any one thing, and the energy of the language we use matters. Tuning in and waiting for the right words to light up can make all the difference in attracting the right people to your work. (The thesaurus is a great place to start, but the inner compass will tell you what term to choose.)

Some of them also use it in their launch schedules (myself included). This is often a heady, strategic process of when to launch and how to roll things out, so bringing in the added layers of intuition can give it that sense of flowing forward instead of forcing things into a particular box. (And if you add a bit of new moon ritual, and avoid things like Mercury Retrograde, you can make it even more potent!)

Our sixth sense…

We think about our senses as a natural part of us, something that helps us get information (quickly!) so we can make decisions swiftly and safely. (Anyone who has walked alone at night knows exactly what I mean.) So why don’t we see our intuition in the same way? Modern living has us tuned out and distracted a lot of the time – and I get it. We’re living in a time of extreme sensory overload, so we check out as a coping mechanism. But doing so removes our access to our inner navigation system, and it’s probably the most powerful tool we’ve got at our disposal at any given time. A lot of people new to intuitive development rely on their oracle cards to guide the way, but really, all they need to do is ask themselves. (This is part of what I teach in Due North.)

Think about how unstoppable you’d be if you lived life with clarity and confidence? 

Bad date tries to gaslight you into thinking it was all your fault? Nah.

Parents try to guilt you into doing something that doesn’t feel aligned and that you don’t have the time for anyways? No thank you.

Boss tries to convince you that you haven’t earned that raise? Yeah, that’s not gonna work.

Big decisions, life changes, even choosing what to eat for lunch… day to day stuff just gets simpler because you’ve claimed your knowing. And it’s not just the knowing (though that’s incredible) that comes from this work… but the confidence to set boundaries and honour them as fierce declarations of self-care. You’re not just unstoppable, you’re unfuckwithable, and you get to determine the rules you life your life by.

Pretty awesome to consider, right? All you’ve got to do is TRUST.

When we look at our intuition as something that’s woo-woo instead of part of our own inner navigation system, we dismiss our knowing – which usually leads us to deferring our power to someone else.

How does all of that feel? If you tune into your gut, does this feel open and expansive, or tight and contracted? This is your navigation system at work… use it.

If you’re ready to start navigating life with your own inner compass, make sure to download my free guide to help you get started. And if you need some support along the way, apply for a compatibility call and we can see if we’re a fit!

With love and magic (for your life, and your business),

The Inner Compass Mapping Method

In this free guide, I’m giving you my 3-step process to navigating life guided by your own inner compass. You’ll learn how to protect your energy, awaken your intuitive gifts, and work your light with clarity and confidence.


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