The Vivacious Soul

Your sacred soul song is Vivacious. If it was a person, they’d be the fun-loving, highly energized life-of-the-party. A social butterfly who is always on the move.

Vivacious souls are deeply engaging because they’re so fun and friendly. Their followers get engaged with the lifestyle they express, because who doesn’t want more fun in their lives? There is nothing subtle about these souls. Vivacious peeps are bright, and vibrant, so they really stand out in the sea of grey, especially in corporate environments. They become a beacon for the rebels and change makers, anyone who is ready to stand out and be seen.

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My name’s Seryna, and I’m a Sacred Soul Mentor who helps high achieving women create more freedom, joy, and purpose in their lives and their work through soul aligned living.

My signature process of psychic gifts, angelic messages, and wisdom from your Akashic Records gives you a deeper understanding of yourself, widens your perspective of possibility, and gets to the root of anything holding you back from the magic you’re here to make.

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