Vivid Visioning Live

Not Your Average Visionboarding Workshop
Online: January 24thVancouver: January 25th

There is a pretty big industry built on us setting New Year’s Resolutions… and failing at them.

All of the marketing we hear is about making us feel bad about wherever we happen to be in life,  with a pitch for some quick fix that will help us relieve some of the blame and shame the initial marketing has caused.
We’ve all been there, right?

But when we look at everything we do as a sacred act, we get off the shame spiral, and start to consciously create a life that brings us oodles of joy.

I believe that begins with ritual.


Vivid Visioning

Vivid Visioning is a ceremony set up with some of the familiar bits you see at the start of the year: setting intentions, a guided visualization, and a pile of magazines and glue sticks – but this is nothing like what you’ve experienced before.
We’ll be digging into this work aligned to the first new moon of the decade. New Moon energy is fertile – it’s made for manifestation and magic. We’re going to leverage this potency in our rituals.
Come with an open heart, an open mind, and a willingness to tune in and receive everything your soul craves… and more.

Choose Your Experience


Last year Vivid Visioning was an online event, but my local people were craving an in-person experience. This year, you’ll get to choose how you’d like to connect with this work, online, or in person.

Here’s What Happens…

Your journey begins in the days leading up to our event. Once you register, you’ll want to look at the event checklist (and get any supplies you may need), and then you’ll start with some pre-event journal prompts to get you in the right energy.

It’s essential that you register with enough time to get your supplies as they will not be provided for either the online or in person event. View the supplies list.

The event itself will last 2.5 hours, both online and in person. Online participants will be sent a Zoom link to connect to the call. In person participants will be sent a private address in Southeast Vancouver.

During Vivid Visioning, you’ll be releasing any lingering energy from last year, welcoming this year, and using intuitive collage to deepen our awareness of what the Universe has in store for us for 2020.

The event ends with an energy forecast to help you plan any big changes you’ve got brewing for this year, and an angelic blessing for all of those participating.

Then, in the days to follow, you’ll have another series of journal prompts to help you integrate and assimilate the energy you moved and have tuned into for the new year.

You’ll receive all of this for only $33

Welcome document that tells you everything you need to prepare for the call (including a supplies list)

Pre-event journal prompts that act as a foundation to help you reflect so you can better use the call time together

Tap into the new year energy in a 2.5 hour live event during the new moon (online is January 24th at 5pm Pacific’/8pm Eastern and in person is 2pm Pacific in Vancouver, BC)

Post-event journal prompts to help you continue to integrate this work

The option to purchase my Sacred Spaces Mini-Course at 80% off (only $11)

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