What’s a soul song and why should you care about it?

Before we get too far, if you haven’t already done so, TAKE THE QUIZ.

Two years ago, I got this divine download about something called The Sacred Soul Song. It showed up as these 7 personalities, archetypes, really, each with its own individual needs, supports, and desires. Honestly, it took me 2 years to full understand each one, and even then, another 6 months after the initial announcement of my quiz to start building supports for them. (There’s a misconception that when you work with the divine that it’s always this easy thing, and ease is definitely a part of it, but it can also be a lot of work that you’re trying to squeeze between client projects and suddenly it’s this epic thing that took forever to come to market… but I digress…)

So what is a Sacred Soul Song anyways? And are the lyrics hard to memorize?

First off, the name is a bit of a misnomer.

The Sacred Soul Song is not a song at all, but more a frequency of vibration that a certain group of people resonate with. This frequency aligns to a specific set of soul aligned desires, supports, and expressions. I use the term archetypes because it’s easier to think of them as people when in reality, it’s much deeper. This isn’t a personality type, but the culmination of needs that can belong to many people who hope, dream, and feel differently. You can easily find a CEO of a bank, a soccer mom, and a janitor who are all Driven Soul Song Archetypes, but their degree of happiness will vary depending on how much they’ve integrated those traits into their lives, whether consciously or unconsciously.

That being said, as a former radio kid, I couldn’t help but bring songs into it, so I’ve created 7 different playlists (that are always evolving), one for each soul song archetype. I know, I know, #musicnerd. You can find all my public Spotify playlists here. (Fun fact: I”m listening to The Mythical Soul playlist while writing this.)

What are the Sacred Soul Song Archetypes?

The Blissful Soul is all about embracing flow over force. She feels most at home by the water, is tapped into her emotions, and her big life lesson is about bringing ease to all that she does.

The Bohemian Soul is all about honouring the planet. She is always looking for new (or old) ways to reconnect to the earth, to bring more sustainability to her practices, shrinking her carbon footprint.

The Driven Soul is unapologetically all about the hustle. She is inspired by her why, her desire for more, and to create bigger impact. She works hard to play hard, and embodies the element of fire.

The Enchanted Soul loves love, and loves people. She is heart-lead and driven to connect with everyone who crosses her path – whether it’s a romantic interest, or someone she meets on the street.

The Minimalist Soul is happiest with clarity, simplicity – the bells and whistles others crave are just noise to them. They carry themselves with certainty of who they are, and don’t rely on outside status symbols to define them.

The Mythical Soul is magic incarnate. Her gift is in making magic an every day occurrence, whether in the literal sense of spells and rituals, or the metaphorical sense of making people they meet feel valued, and creating works that inspire and delight.

The Vivacious Soul is the life of the party, and brings the fun! She has a knack of putting everyone at ease, knowing who’s who, and for leaving everyone feel a bit more sparkly when they cross her path.

How can an archetype affect happiness?

Great question! Aside from this download, I’ve worked in neurofeedback, read and studied astrology, psychology, and various personality tests, and I’ve discovered one thing they all had in common: happiness isn’t reserved for a select group of people, but in how they react to the things that happen to them. Some coaches will have you believe that happiness is a choice, which is easy to say if you’ve never suffered from anxiety, or clinical depression. My understanding is that happiness comes from living a soul aligned life.

That sounds like a lot of woo-y vernacular, so let me break it down a lot further.

We have been conditioned to want a certain life – whether it’s what we see on social media, in the movies, or our religion, cultural or familiar programming. Being a “good girl” means following a series of expectations created by others, and the promise is that once you’ve checked all the boxes, you’ll be happy.

But how often does it actually work that way?

Most people I know have followed the recipe for success they were given, and felt a bit ‘meh’ when they got to the finish line. All because it wasn’t THEIR recipe – no secret ingredients, no special somethin’ somethin’ to make it theirs.

Living a soul aligned life means surrendering the coulda woulda shouldas and building life on your terms. It means being willing to be uncomfortable, and to resist the pushback you get from everyone saying their way is the only way. It’s being able to have an honest look at your life and acknowledge which parts aren’t working and be willing to change them. It’s been willing to examine what you believe to be true to ask yourself if YOU believe it’s true, or if you STILL believe it’s true, and if not, what you believe instead.

As you can imagine, this isn’t easy work, so most people don’t do it.

They go to the events, they buy (and sometimes even read) the books, and they spend money on coaches/therapies/energy work to fix themselves. But unless they’re actually willing to make those shifts and leaps, nothing happens – it’s the equivalent of a bandaid on a flesh wound. 

Is an 11-question quiz going to make those shifts for them? Of course not. These things only work as much as you do. But the insight you can get by understanding yourself a little better makes it an excellent place to start.

What if you fail? Oh darling, what if you FLY?

Much like any type of categorization (astrology, Myers Briggs, Eneagram, etc), we’re talking in generalizations, so while there is a lot of truth in the quiz results (you get a 10 page guide of everything from design elements, self care supports, and journal prompts), to go deeper, or to get more customized and personalized insight, we can work together 1:1. My mentorship programs are set up with 3 different levels of support that will meet you where you are, help you tap into where you’re going, and map out the journey from here to there. You can read about the ways I can help on my mentorship page.

Love and magic are yours!

QUIZ: Find your Sacred Soul™ Song

By aligning your life to the way your soul yearns to be expressed, you feel more ease, more clarity, and a more defined purpose.

Ready to find out about YOUR soul song, so you can bring more joy? I’ve got ya covered!

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