megaphone-50092_960_720In one of the groups I follow there was a member who said her business served EVERYONE and that she couldn’t afford to create a niche because she needed clients and didn’t want to turn anyone anyway. My little heart broke.

Getting clear and specific about who you’re serving doesn’t mean you have to turn work away!

In fact, that clarity is more likely to get you clients than not. Because when you know exactly who you’re talking to in your marketing and your branding, it impacts every aspect of your business. The term that is often used is ICA (ideal customer avatar) – which takes you so much further beyond the demographics stats that some people will rattle off and creates those demographics into one actual real live human being. When I was studying radio, we actually had a picture in the studio of a woman who was our ideal audience, and it may help you to find a photo to include on your mood boards so you always have your ICA in mind. Your ICA will impact every aspect of your marketing… it will influence the colours you use, the layout of your website, the social media sites you engage with, the way you write your copy (including the language you use). Knowing your ICA is KEY.

Clarity helps people to self-select.

When you read a bit of marketing copy and you’re like “YES! I want IN” – you’ve self-selected, and you want your customers to do that with you. If you’re trying to keep it general, it won’t put a little fire in anyone’s belly, and without the fire – they won’t buy! And sometimes, the people who self-select will surprise you… you may get inquiries from people who are outside of your ICA, and that gives you the opportunity to accept the business or perhaps refer them elsewhere if it’s not a good fit. But first… you need them banging on your door in the first place – and that won’t happen without clarity.

In your experience, which projects have felt the best to work on? Who have you most enjoyed working with? Who needs what you do most in the world – and is willing to pay you for it?

If you’re clear on who your peeps are and are ready to dive into the branding experience, check out the branding bundle. If you need some help clarifying who you want to work with, drop me a line and we’ll figure it out together.

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