Your passion’s contagious.
Your clients can’t help but catch it!

What’s the big fuss about branding anyways?

Branding is your way of leaving a lasting impression. It’s like your signature scent, except instead of just a smell, it’s in literally EVERYTHING you do with your business. Branding is a crucial element in marketing, and one that’s often passed by – especially by small businesses, because they don’t understand what it is, or why it’s important.

Your brand is everything that engages with your customers and prospects. Some examples will include your logo, the copy on your website, the photos you use in social media. It goes even deeper to include the colours you use, the design elements, the fonts. When done right, branding is a beautiful, subtle thing. When done wrong.. WOAH NELLY – it’s a hot mess.


Why do I need a brand?

Your company’s brand is how you announce you’ve finally arrived. When there is a disconnect between the various avenues of how you present your business, it makes you look unprofessional. However when your social media has the same look and feel as your website, which evokes the same feelings as your customer service, you’re bringing your A-Game and your clients will take notice.

I’ve worked with companies who print their brochures in house, whose logos vary on one product to the other, whose business cards differ between employees… The message this sends is “I haven’t given this a lot of thought, and neither should you.”

Having an unpolished brand is like showing up for a first date and forgetting to wear deodorant. No one wants to get too close.


Where do I start?

Start collecting inspiration with images, websites, fonts, logos, etc that have the look and feel you want to create with your business. You can start a Pinterest board to save all of your elements, and then start to look for trends. Which things have the same look and feel? What colour palettes are you most drawn to? And now the million dollar question: will these resonate with your ideal client? If yes, proceed to the next step. If no, it’s back to the drawing board, sweet one!

The next step: apply for a free compatibility call. We can discuss how deeply you want to go down the branding rabbit hole. Make sure to check out my services page to get an idea of all the work we can do together. My team and I can take you all the way from logo to website to digital assets and print materials. You can get a fully executed brand, from soup to nuts.