Authenticity has become a bit of a buzz word in the self improvement/personal development/branding space… and it kind of pisses me off. Because a word that is so dear to me that it’s one of my core desired feelings being used as a catch phrase really cheapens the beauty, the IMMENSITY and the power of it.

So fuck that.

Photo credit: Monika Broz

Photo credit: Monika Broz

Last week, I took the stage to speak to over 100 women about part of my journey. I talked about being a “too” girl… one who talked too much, who was too bossy, and too sensitive. Big parts of my journey came from rewriting those stories and seeing that these supposed weaknesses are actually the biggest assets of my being. But the catch… I had to step into the motherfucking light and claim them.

And you know what… that’s SCARY.

It’s vulnerable.

And it’s not easy.

I’m really not sure why I’ve decided that this is my mission, but every time I doubt it, I get confirmation.

So here it goes… I get on stage, and on 2 different occasions in those 8 minutes I completely blank out and forget what I’m talking about. And something kicks in… a voice says “Just speak… you have something to say..” And I did, and it was amazing. And when I got off the stage, over the span of the next day and a half (and in the days that followed via Facebook), I had women coming up to me with stories of being silenced. Of being too much for people. And it never even occurred to them that THEY WERE NOT THE PROBLEM.

What is so wrong with our world that when other people don’t like us, or can’t handle us, that we assume something is wrong with us, and not that maybe there isn’t just a match with those individuals? Why are we so quick to assume the worst about ourselves?

Because when we do, we dim our lights.
And when that happens… the world loses.

It is our responsibility to show up as our authentic selves. And it’s our DIVINE RIGHT to be accepted as such. (You don’t have to LIKE someone to ACCEPT that they are the way they are.) This isn’t a matter of right or wrong, it’s just letting people do their thing.

I am perfectly imperfect. I am raw, and unpolished. I share my journey in it’s BIG, BEAUTIFUL, MESSY FUCKING GLORY. Because we see enough perfection online. We also see a lot of bullshit. And if we’re comparing ourselves to these unattainable standards it makes us hide, or pretend, or deny. And there is no time for that.

I want to live my life in a way that is an example of what’s possible. I’m just one woman – there is nothing particularly special about me or my journey. But I keep showing up. I keep doing the work. I keep trying. I don’t give up. I cry, I hustle, I fall, I get up. And if I can… you can.

So can we all just agree to start showing up as ourselves. To stop playing at polished perfection. To own our messiness, our vulnerability, and our shit. To be okay with being works in progress, and to continue striving for better? Because what else is there, honestly?

Let’s fucking do this.

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PS: If you’re ready to step into your business boldly, and authentically, and you want some help shaping that into a big, beautiful brand, consider this your invitation to join me for Ignite! in Vancouver, happening November 10-12th.

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