Your biz could use a little woo… here’s why.

When I created Summer of Soul, my first intention was to build an event that would give spiritual entrepreneurs a crash course in heart-centred business that would help them to thrive. I know many of my woo-sisters who are SO GREAT at what they do, but not as strong at some of the foundational business bits that will keep them sustained and able to continue working magic for their communities. What evolved shortly later was also a need for “regular” business owners (you know, the open, but not exactly woo-types) who’d benefit from adding a bit of spirituality into their processes. So I took a bit of time to write this post, mostly for them, so they’d see why integrating spirituality into their biz is important, and what it would look like on a practical level.

1. Because logic isn’t everything

So much of the work I do comes from a place of inspiration, creativity and flow. I know this isn’t the case for all careers who may have really linear systems and processes to make the day to day work, but I will say that that we can all benefit from flow.
Whether it’s finding a creative solution to a problem, seeing things from a different perspective (like that of a client’s for instance), or finding new ways to articulate what you do to your potential dream clients, working with intuition can get you out of your head and into your heart.

2. It’s great for self care

I get it, you’re busy, so scheduling in some down time into your day can be tricky. But here’s the thing, beautiful… when you have an ongoing spiritual practice, you’re not just making time to connect with a higher power (God, The Universe, The Divine, whatever you’re comfortable with), you’re making time for yourself — and that pays dividends to your biz.
My personal choices are daily meditation, tapping, and surrounding myself with crystals. For other people it’s running, conscious eating, prayer… Anything that causes you to check back in and operate from a centred place is good for you, and it’s worth investing time and money in.

3. Divine inspiration helps you stretch what you’re capable of.

I’m good at what I do, but what I’m able to come up with is so tightly tied to what’s in my scope… things I’ve seen, things I’ve experienced, stuff I admire… And while I can come up with some pretty great stuff from that place alone, when I tap into something greater than myself, MORE comes out. I find this to be especially true with copy. When I’m able to channel content for a client’s website, I’m so in flow, so out of my head, that I often don’t even know what I’ve written until it comes time to revise. This sounds like a weird place to be in, but it’s actually really cathartic. In past times, artists worked with muses, and while it meant the had to share credit, they also get to share blame if something’s a flop. heheh (No, I’m not suggesting you need Spirit as your co-pilot so you can have a scapegoat.) There is a certain magic that is made when you’re working from a place of co-creation instead of it coming soley from you and what you’re already capable of.

Your business can boom with a dash of woo sprinkled on top…

It may sound silly, but here are some ways it can play out for you:

– You don’t sign contracts, begin launches, or buy new technology during Mercury Retrograde.

– You start new beginnings (launches, partnerships, projects, rebrands) during new moons, and reflect on what’s not working so you can release it during full moons.

– You use crystals to manage your energy, or to attract more of what you want in your life.

– You work with essential oils to keep you focused, your energy balanced, or your feelings in check.

– You use meditation as a regular practice to help manage your stress and to integrate new learnings.

– You call on Spirit when times are hard to support you and help you navigate troubled waters.

– You create a gratitude practice where you shift the focus from what you want, to being thankful for what you have.

It’s not that weird. And it’s not that hard. Find what works for you, and do more of that.

Simple, right?

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