Find Your Sacred Soul Song

Your sacred soul song archetype helps you create more alignment in your life, deepen your understanding of yourself, and learn which supports you most need to honour the unspoken desires of your heart. Which one’s yours?

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The Book

After over a decade of inner work, Seryna compiles the wisdom she’s learned along the way, along with some channeled angel messages and prayers, to inspire and uplift the soul seekers and cosmically curious.

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The Podcast

A short podcast that’s easy to fit into your day, filled with raw, real, honest conversations about having faith and what it actually means to live a spiritual life. New episodes drop every Wednesday. You’ll get 100% truth, 0% lightwashing.

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I help women on the rise navigate all the layers they’ve put between themselves and their potential because they thought it was safe, or what they were supposed to do.

By dialoguing with their Angels, Guides, and Record Keepers, they’re able to become an active creator in their lives. I create a sacred, safe space for honest conversations with yourself, and your soul’s true desire so you can build a life with purpose, on purpose, and can redefine success on your own terms. And you get to do it all with joy, ease and grace.

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Seryna Myers
Sacred Soul Mentor

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