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I’m Seryna Myers

Teller of truths. Dropper of F-bombs.  Lover of pink. Radio kid turned marketer, podcaster, author, and energetic Jane-of-all-trades. I’ve built my career on a platform of service, creativity, and integrating your whole self in all that you do. (Because anything less feels kinda icky.)

I’m a recovering people pleaser who has overcome corporate boredom, burnout and the desire to blend in, and I help my clients do the same. My work with energy, angels, and the Akashic Records gets to the heart of a situation with joy, love, ease, and grace.

The Journey

The sometimes awkward but always honest journey of a former Catholic schoolgirl turned sacred soul mentor.


If I’m totally honest, I’m awful at small talk. I’m always a bit weird, a bit too honest, and I go deep REALLY quickly. (Energy never lies – so it’s a professional hazard I guess.) A question I like to start with is “What kind of magic do you make in the world?” It’s so beyond what do you do for work, or whether you prefer red or white wine. (I’m not a fan of either.). It’s raw, real, and honest, right from the get go.

My magic is in creating safe space for honest conversations. My super power is helping you to honestly express your heart’s desire so you can create a life and a business that lights you all the way up. This gives you permission to say more yeses to everything you desire, and more nos to the stuff that’s in the way. This shows up big with life-stuff, but also in how you do business, and how you tell your brand’s story. When you show up fully expressed, the line between life and work gets blurred. You get to be 100% you, all the time. How awesome is that?

Honouring the heart’s truth has become my mission once I was able to start living mine. I was a highly sensitive, and intuitive child in Catholic school, and spent more than my fair share of time in confession because the priest wanted to save me. I shut down a lot of my gifts, psychic and otherwise, because it felt safer to fall into line and try to be like everyone else (which resulted in quirky shoes and questionable hair choices). I’ve lost and ended relationships I treasured because they became weights that held me down from expressing my truth. So, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. I’ll never ask you to go somewhere I’m unwilling to go myself. 

My insatiable desire for MORE, has lead to a lifetime commitment to personal and professional development. I’m trained in broadcasting, relationship marketing, neurofeedback, aromatherapy, reiki, oracle card reading, and mediumship. I’m a certified Angel Guide and Akashic Records Consultant. I am ALL IN when it comes to lightwork, expansion, and the elevation of our collective consciousness.

Not Your Average

Card Reading

Cards are where it began for me. I first learned to read on a deck of playing cards, when I was 12, and 2 years later I received my first tarot deck. (Fun fact: I still have it. It smells of incense and has pen marks with the notes I took on the meaning of the card.)

25 years later, and my ability to receive information from my angels and guides has expanded beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve worked through all (okay: MOST) of the barriers I had to working with my clairs, and now I use them to bring forward messages beyond what the cards say. I am primarily claircognizant and clarisentient, but also receive a lot of -audient messages (usually music) and -voyant messages (usually picture snapshots).

By learning the tools I needed to protect myself (energy clearing, boundaries, and shields), I found it a lot less intimidating to work with my gifts. It’s one of the fundamentals I teach clients. Without it, we feel like Spirit’s in the driver’s seat, making it all a bit scary and overwhelming, when it should feel uplifting and supportive.

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