How’s it Going

I’m a teller of truth…

…Dropper of F-bombs. Lover of pink. Believer in celebrating ALL of what makes you YOU – (the bright and the shadowy). I’ve built my career on a platform of service, creativity, and integrating your whole self in all that you do. Because we were not meant to live behind masks.

How it Started

It was time to step up…

Collection of Shoes under desk

I had good reason for the mask. After a childhood in poverty – surrounded by addiction, violence, and shame – I had finally gotten out. At 17, I moved to the west coast with $500, thinking that was enough to start a life. (Spoiler alert: It was not.) But I got lucky and eventually landed a very plush corporate job (a far cry from my radio roots) with a big fat paycheque, fun vacations, and my very own pair of painful golden handcuffs.

The work was soul-crushing and I had to stifle every ounce of my “too much” personality. I cried myself to sleep at night more nights than I didn’t. And my coworkers trampled over my totally non-existent boundaries. All of this left me depressed, hopeless, and exhausted.

But I had money and security, and at the time, that was enough. I believed that purpose was something you did outside of the required 9-5 business hours.

See the real picture of all the bright shoes I kept under my desk so I could have a small ounce of “me” at work.

It was exhausting trying to hide who I was all the time and putting other people’s comfort above my truth. Eventually, the other shoe dropped. I was laid off during a recession and was suddenly left with nothing. Having the rug unceremoniously ripped out from under me forced me to realize some not-so-nice truths I’d been stuffing deeper and deeper inside.

And so I began the exceptionally difficult journey of getting to know myself again. One emotion at a time. All of me. The good, the “bad,” the shadowy, the ugly, the uncomfortable. The anger and righteous fury. The pain and regret.

I expressed my full JOY without worrying about making others uncomfortable.

I allowed myself to feel (and **gasp** express) my anger.

And I discovered the most beautiful truth of all: just because you grow up not knowing how to express how you feel doesn’t mean you can’t learn.

The work is messy. It’s sometimes very painful. It’s HARD. But it is so completely, deeply, deliciously WORTH IT.

And if you’re reading this, you might be dreaming of the day when you can finally be free to fully express yourself.
You might dream of being surrounded by people who appreciate and want to hear your voice in the world, and support your biggest dreams.

You might dream of designing a life that’s no longer held back by the boundaries and circumstances other people have put on you.

Except … it’s not a dream.
It’s reality. YOUR reality. This is what I dream for you.
Will you take it?

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